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30th June/1st/2nd July 2023 Tanzhalle & Werkhalle Wiesenburg Sommerfest.ival 

Friday 30th of June:
Isabelle Schad: Studies on Infinity #1, Durational Performance / Tanzhalle
FÄRGFORSKARE – Farbforscher, Opening Group Exhibition / Werkhalle
Simon Rose, Baritone Saxophone / Werkhalle
Adam Neumann Projekt / Rampe
Maria Patsyuk and Makossiri: TOUCHED / Tanzhalle
DJ Bleck Panther & White Tiger / Werkhalle

Saturday 1st of July:
from 15:00 Markets / Panke
Isabelle Schad: Studies on Infinity #1, Durational Performance / Tanzhalle
Meet me at the garden, with Isabelle Schad and Elena Basteri / Tanzhalle garden
Dan Su: “Tuō“ / Tanzhalle
Julek Kreutzer: Noise / Tanzhalle
Richard Arame Band / Rampe

Sunday 2nd of July:
Painting for kids / Panke
from 15:00 Markets / Panke
Gabi Dumkow, Soprano / Rampe
Dan Su: “Tuō“ / Tanzhalle
Shasta Ellenbogen, classic / Werkhalle
Julek Kreutzer: Noise / Tanzhalle
Mugglestone HIFI / Werkhalle

Ongoing: Bruno Pocheron Bulbs installation / Rampe

Studies on infinity #1
Studies on infinity #1 deals with the working material and materialities related to Isabelle Shad’s upcoming group work The Shift Of Focus, which will premiere at HAU1 in October 2023. Removed from its theatre context, the movement material is examined for its potential of infinite repetition and variation, which develops its power in a durational installation performance. Certain sections are cut and recombined, as if zooming in or like miniatures, in such a way that each element can speak for itself in a field of tension between protagonist and chorus, landscape and inhabitants, movement and its voice, infinitely repeating like everything in our universe.

Cast & Credits
Concept & Choreography: Isabelle Schad; Co-Choreography & Performance: Aya Toraiwa, Claudia Tomasi, David Kummer, Forough Fami, Jan Lorys, Jasmin İhraç, Johanna Ackva, Maja Zimmerlin, Manuel Lindner, Veronika Heisig, Viviana Defazio, Yusuke Taninaka; Composition & Sound: Damir Simunovic; Light Design, Technik: Emma Juliard, Arnaud Lesage; Costume: Melika Akbariasl; Voice Work: Ignacio Jarquin; Outreach and Mediation: Elena Basteri; Production Managment: Heiko Schramm; Production: Isabelle Schad

2nd + 3rd June Borrowed Gesture from INTER_SECTION as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin

With Borrowed Gesture, the duo INTER_SECTION (Claudia Schmitz & Sabine Ercklentz) translates everyday phenomena of digital networking and dependencies in a tonal performative setting and explores the potentials and obstacles of this constellation over the course of a performance in real time. In doing so, they network digitally with a non-human actor – “the third”. An immersive performance of transmedial transmissions is created from the interplay of intentional and random human and non-human actions, one which continuously reformats itself.

Sabine Ercklentz – trumpet, electronics
Claudia Schmitz – live moving image onto scutpure, unfolded screen
The Third – custom-made algorithm

2nd June
Tuning in & follow-up conversation with Vera Shchelkina – Theaterscoutings Berlin

Funded thanks to INM Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

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1st-2nd April | Severen Series I

Double Bill – 2 solos:

I am spoken” – Vladimir Dziomba (30 min)
Pause (20 min)
Darija Divan” – Lea Pischke (40 min) 

Perseverare (latin), “continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

We insist, we are determined, we fall, we get up, we move on, we are stubborn, we are frustrated, but we are ambitious, we are driven, by curiosity, by pain, or both, until something gives, something breaks, something emerges, something reveals itself, maybe, hopefully, for the better, for us, for an improvement, a desired change. Call it success, call it progress, call it development, call it evolution, call it recovery, call it the next step.

We sever the bond to the before, the has-been, maybe the norm, maybe that which we always refused and we questioned, and we build new bridges in order to relate, to synthesize, to become, to fully integrate, into ourselves, into our contexts. Sometimes you have to separate to re-formulate. Sometimes you have to invent to re-formulate. Cut and paste, chop and change, many new iterations of self, of History, of one’s own history.

Sometimes an entirely new vocabulary is needed. Mumblings are uttered, shameful stutters of a future, unintelligible syllables spat into the void that should, hopefully, become some form of communication of the unspeakable.
#unspeakable #globalnorthglobalsouth #fail-fail-again-fail-better

Darija Divan

Location: Tanzhalle Wiesenburg
Further info: Facebook

Artists: Vladimir Dziomba | Lea Pischke