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28.04.2024: Yuki Onna, Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

The fruitful collaboration with Theater o.N. and dancer Aya Toraiwa continues and the next premiere is approaching: on 28 April we present Yuki Onna, a Japanese fairy tale about a mysterious woman with long black hair who dives into the cold snow and invites all the children (and adults) to play with the wind. The first two performances take place at the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, followed by three more dates at Theater o.N.

Pic: Isabelle Schad, all rights reserved

29.02. and 2.03.2024 7pm | The Thin Line / Nikolina Komljenović, Miodrag Gladović and Bojan Gagić

The Thin Line is being built around an innovative aerial prop called FISHING NYLON. It is a self-invention with which the body is kept in the air by its own efforts. Thin lines are incised into the body and encourage it to move. There is no place to rest in this process. There is only harsh reality, pain and desire for change.

The Thin Line is collaborative work. Artists work together, each bringing their own affinities and character to create a unique work. Space, body, light, sound and the thin lines of the installation intertwine the material of the performative act layer by layer. The reciprocity of the reactions of the artists and the spectators, where it is not known who initiates whom into the action, simultaneously builds the dramaturgy of the work through the self-reflection of the artist and technology.